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Dental Cleaning & Prevention in Aurora, CO

Routine dental cleanings and preventative treatment are crucial to overall oral health. At a cleaning checkup, your dentist can look for early signs of more serious problems and prevent them from worsening. Dental cleanings are for everyone, regardless of your current oral health. Perhaps you’ve missed your last few dental visits, or maybe you haven’t seen a dentist in Aurora, CO in years. In any case, Associates in Family Dentistry wants to help. We see patients of all ages, and we’re here to help you work toward optimal oral health no matter your medical history. Curious about just what goes on during a dental cleaning and prevention visit? Find out more about this essential service or call our clinic in Aurora for more information.

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How Will I Benefit From Regular Dental Cleaning?

With regular dental cleanings and preventative exams, patients enjoy multiple benefits. Besides being much healthier, many of our Aurora, CO patients report feeling more confident in their smile and overall appearance. Dental cleanings often reduce the need for additional visits, especially when we can catch a dental problem early and address it before it becomes more severe. For most patients, investing in regular dental checkups saves them money in the long run. You won’t be spending more on additional appointments or losing money to take time off work to visit the dentists at Associates in Family Dentistry. All in all, routine dental cleanings are worth the trouble and temporary discomfort.

What to Expect During Your Dental Cleaning

The team at Associates in Family Dentistry wants to make sure you know what to expect when you come in for your dental cleaning. There are several parts to a comprehensive dental cleaning and preventative exam. First, your dentist or hygienist will examine your oral health visually. They’ll use an intraoral camera to look for decaying teeth, potential growths, and other causes for concern. Once they are finished, your visit to our Aurora, CO clinic will consist of the following:


At some visits, your dentist will need to take a few x-rays before beginning the cleaning process. They may use 3D imaging to produce the most precise image. These images are often instrumental in determining the kind of treatment you need and identifying early signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and more.

Gingival Pocket Exam

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is very prevalent in adults across the United States. Because of this, we take special care to look for signs of gum disease development or progression. During this portion of the exam, we use a small tool inserted between the gums and teeth to check for deep gingival pockets.


During the cleaning, your dentist or hygienist works to remove plaque and buildup from the gum line. Once we remove the plaque and bacteria, your dentist gets to work polishing your teeth to make them look as bright and white as possible. After polishing, your dentist will finish the cleaning with a thorough flossing.

Dental Cleanings to Brighten Your Smile

Ready for your first dental exam at Associates in Family Dentistry? During a dentist’s appointment at our office, we take care of all components of your oral health. We begin with some quick x-rays to check for anything abnormal, then move on to screenings for oral cancer and gum disease. During the cleaning itself, we remove all tartar and plaque inflaming your gums. It can also cause tooth decay in the future. Once you leave your dental checkup in Aurora, CO, you’ll come out feeling and looking fresher!

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Fluoride Treatments to Strengthen and Protect Teeth

Fluoride treatments are an excellent way to help prevent tooth decay. However, many people wonder exactly what fluoride is. Fluoride for teeth is a natural mineral used by dentists across the world to strengthen the teeth and guard against decay. Fluoride rinses are popular in drug stores, and fluoride is readily available in many kinds of toothpaste. When you visit Associates in Family Dentistry, we use fluoride treatments during our dental checkups, especially in patients with a history of tooth decay or those who are at risk for developing it.

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Why Use an Intraoral Camera During Checkups?

We’re proud to take advantage of exciting innovations in the dental industry such as the intraoral cameras. At our Aurora, CO clinic, we use these dental cameras to give ourselves a precise view of each tooth. This allows us to find problems, make reliable diagnoses, and create an informed treatment plan. Intraoral cameras virtually guarantee certainty. You’ll never need to worry about receiving unnecessary treatment from Associates in Family Dentistry.

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Get Your Next Cephalometric X-Ray in Aurora, CO

Many of us have probably had a cephalometric x-ray, but the complicated-sounding name makes the procedure seem scary nonetheless. At Associates in Family Dentistry, we use the cephalometric x-ray machine to create a complete radiographic image encompassing the entire side of the face. Dental ceph x-rays allow for your dentist to see your teeth, jaw, and soft tissue in more detail, better letting them detect abnormalities. The procedure is painless, and we take the x-rays with a rotating arm to capture your profile in its entirety.

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Ask Your Dentist About Digital X-Rays at Your Next Visit

Digital x-rays are a staple of any comprehensive dental checkup. Dentists use dental x-rays as tools to screen for severe problems with your oral health. Digital radiography can expose cancerous tumors and bone loss, as well as more common conditions like tooth decay and issues with the gums. In general, your Aurora, CO dentist will want to take a full dental x-ray every three to five years but may choose to perform them more frequently if you’re at risk for certain conditions.

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CAT Scans for Dental Use at Associates in Family Dentistry

Computerized axial tomography scans are relatively commonplace. Better known as CAT scans, this innovative technology is now used at Associates in Family Dentistry to create even more detailed images of the mouth and jaw. Using i-CAT® imaging services, our dentists can better evaluate the mouth and streamline the process for placing dental implants and more. i-CAT® scans can show everything from nerves, tumors, and jawbone density. Ask your Aurora, CO dentist for more information on what CAT scans look for at your next appointment.

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Panoramic X-Rays to Detect and Prevent Oral Conditions

Panoramic x-rays offer some of the most comprehensive views of the teeth and mouth. Associates in Family Dentistry often uses panoramic images to find wisdom teeth, bone loss, and even the early signs of cavities. Panoramic radiographs pick up images not always visible to the naked eye, allowing your Aurora, CO dentist to make the most informed decision on your treatment plan. Dentists use images created by panoramic x-rays to evaluate a plethora of conditions, including TMJ disorders, jawbone fractures, impacted teeth, and periodontal disease.

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Request an Appointment With Aurora, CO Dentists

Whether you’re looking to schedule an appointment for a routine dental cleaning and preventative measures or want to consult with our dentist about dental implants, Associates in Family Dentistry is here for you. No matter when your last dental cleaning was, our compassionate staff in Aurora will help you get on the road to good dental hygiene. You never need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of your oral health; what’s important is taking steps toward an optimal smile. Contact us today to request an appointment for a dental cleaning.

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