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I have been a patient for more than 6 years and have only great things to say about this practice. The staff is friendly, professional and very competant. They have worked with me (and my insurance company) to help me get the best dental care.
The office is very clean and organized. The appointment scheduling works with my schedule (they have Saturday appointments).
I highly recommend this practice to everyone!

Lori M.

Awesome dental office!! My hygienist was amazing I think her name was Becky? I’m not sure but she was such a sweet woman and made everything go smoothly. I had my first visit with them and got an appointment within a week. I feel like everyone from the front desk to the doctor made the experience as comfortable as possible.

Anna M.

These folks are kind, and gentle. Their front office and back office are on point - its like they talk to each other. They're very engaged with us, and we appreciate their variety of personal touches. Keep up the great work!

Jim N.

The people here are great! They make you feel welcome and comfortable. I have been going to Associates in Family Dentistry for over 20 years and am very happy with the relationship and service there. Wonderful Dentist!

Bob H.

Love this place and I wish I could remember my hygienists name because she was awesome! Most gentle touch I have ever experienced. The entire staff here is utmost professional. I'd recommend this place to anyone...anyone.

Jason F.

Love this office! Easy to get too, parking is always easy and the staff is super friendly. They make it easy to make an appointment (right there in the room after your cleaning), print up a reminder card and send email and text reminders for appointments !The Hygienists are incredibly knowledgeable, I've seen several since I started going every 6 months, ans I've learned something new each time! The Dentists are very nice, and they actually care about you! They take the time to help you understand what they see! Overall great place!

Addi H.

I am so happy i finally found a good dentist. I absolutely love Dr T. Hes by far the best dentist I've ever had. And the whole staff is so amazing, all the girls up front at the desk are all incredibly nice and very helpful. Love this place!

Tanya T.

After a hiatus of dental care I finally established myself here as a patient and have been very happy with my choice. They're not far from where I live and the ladies at the front desk are always nice and courteous. The service is phenomenal and they're pretty high-tech, nice waiting room, and I think they have a huge community involvement with some of the local high schools, though I'm not sure. They also have a referral program that can earn you some credit toward paying for your next visit which I think is great. I'm not sure about insurance restrictions or anything of that nature but I don't think you can go wrong coming here for your general dental needs. Which reminds me, they are electronically based (records and documents) and do well to send email reminders. The other great thing is that they do excellent referral work to orthodontists and dental surgeons if you happen to need straightening or surgery.

Andrew A.

So, after searching and searching for a reliable dentist, I came across AFD. I needed to have an emergency extraction, and do not currently have a primary dentist. But they got me in on the same day I called. So that was the 1st thing that made me really happy.
I have had extractions, for wisdom teeth, done in the past, at the dental school. But my last extraction, they broke the tooth in several spots and they did not get me as numb as I could have been. So coming here for an extraction... I was already a bit apprehensive. But the staff at the front was very friendly, and the dentist and his assistant were just the sweetest. They made sure I was comfortable, they genuinely listened to my concers and requests, and ensured that I was a numb as possible for the procedure.
When he began the extraction, I couldn't feel anything but the pressure, and it only took him about 20 minutes to get it out. And at the end, nothing was broken, and I didn't even need stitches. All in all, I was very impressed, and once I get my dental insurance taken care of, i do believe I have found my permanent dentist. So glad I didn't go back to the dental school thus time. ( they're nice there, but I don't like the roll of the dice. You never know which student you're getting.)

Emmy M.

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