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Patient Forms for Associates in Family Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry Services in Aurora, CO

Whether you are a new or existing patient to our office, we kindly ask you to fill out the patient forms noted below prior to your scheduled appointment. They will download directly into your patient chart. Associates in Family Dentistry wants to make your appointment as quick and hassle-free as possible when you need general or emergency dentistry services in Aurora, CO. Please note that we’ll also need a copy of your most current dental insurance. We will collect insurance information from you when making your initial appointment so that we may prepare for your arrival.  If your insurance changes along the way, please call the office to make us aware before your appointment day.

If you have any questions, give us a call or make a note so we can review your concerns during your appointment. This process will help us serve each patient promptly.

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What To Do Before Your Dental Visit

We recommend that you fill out your patient forms the day before your dentist appointment. This will help you avoid stressing out and being crunched for time on the day of your visit for the dental services you require, including composite fillings, dental exams, oral exams, dental checkups, dental X-rays, root canal, tooth extraction, tooth crown, or any other services. We go above and beyond as the best dentist in Aurora and the perfect kid’s dentist. We’ve prepared a list of what else you should do before your dental visit, so you’ll be all ready to go to make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Confirm Your Appointment – Call our office a day before your appointment to confirm your time. We do our best to give you a call to confirm, but if you don’t hear from us, make sure we have you booked. You don’t want to show up too early and wait around or too late and miss your appointment.
  • Have Your Information Ready – You should bring your insurance information with you, even if you’re a returning patient. It’s also a good idea to bring a list of your medications and doses. We know some patients might feel guilty about not brushing or flossing as often as they should, but it’s essential to be honest about that so we can perform the best cleaning possible and make personalized recommendations for you. We won’t judge you. We’ll only encourage you to improve your oral health routine.
  • Brush Your Teeth Properly – Take a few minutes to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth before your visit. What you shouldn’t do is brush like crazy, though. Brushing too hard can make it difficult for us to identify problem areas. If we find areas with leftover food, we’re able to advise you on what to do while you’re brushing to help you avoid tooth decay.
  • Make a List of Concerns – In the days before your visit, make a list of any oral health questions you have for us. It’s important to be educated, and there’s no one better to ask than your dentist. It’s best to ask these questions at the beginning of your appointment because if you’re having significant work done, you may not feel like talking a lot at the end.
  • Helping to Prepare Your Kids – Of course, you’ll be accompanying your kids to their dental appointment, but it’s best to help them be prepared ahead of time as well. Some children experience dental anxiety, but there are some things you can do to help them. Explain dentistry in words that won’t scare them and avoid words like needles, pain, etc. Speak to them at their level in terms they can understand and feel comfortable with.
  • Stay Home if You’re Sick – We know you don’t want to cancel your appointment, especially if you’re in pain. However, it’s important to reschedule if you’re feeling ill. You don’t want to spread your illness to others, especially in the case of COVID-19. If you’re sick, your gums can become irritated, making dental work more difficult. In most cases, putting your appointment off for a few days or a week won’t matter much, just be sure you don’t skip it altogether.
  • Eat a Healthy Meal – Many people are under the impression that they shouldn’t eat before their dental appointment. While you should avoid certain foods, including citrus, popcorn, and beef jerky, eating healthy proteins before your appointment is generally a good practice. Being full can help you avoid getting cranky or hangry during your appointment or while you’re waiting.

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If you already have an appointment with our dental practice in Aurora, CO, we encourage you to take the steps previously mentioned before you arrive. Being prepared can make your appointment easier for both you and your dentist. If you’re looking for a new family dentist or need emergency dentistry services, Associates in Family Dentistry is your best choice. We have special offers and financing available, so tooth pain doesn’t have to break your budget. Our office specializes in dental implants, 3D CT scanning, Cerec™, same day crowns, and much more! We encourage you to contact us to learn more about what we have to offer or to schedule an appointment with us. You can even request your dental appointment with our practice online! Make an appointment today, and we’ll give you a reason to smile!